September 29, 2021

News concerning the Minnesota Sportsmen’s Show Jan 13-16, 2022 at RiverCentre in St. Paul.

Cenaiko Productions, Inc. is postponing the 2022 Minnesota Sportsmen’s Show January 13-16 at RiverCentre in St. Paul until January 12-15, 2023.

There were many considerations in making this difficult decision.

  • Foremost is the ongoing uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 and it’s variants. We don’t see the public’s caution ending in the immediate future. Experts are now saying to expect flare ups in November-December. In addition, no one can predict what the City of St. Paul may enact regarding mandates, masks and other restrictive measures to personal activity.


  • Supply chain problems in the Boat, Dock & RV industry are not abating.  Less inventory results in less participation at the show from hard pressed vendors.


  • Canadian residents (Resorts) cannot currently drive to the US side of the border. We don’t see that travel ban changing until the spring of 2022.


  • The Minnesota State Fair showed half the normal crowd in 2021.  From our own booths at the Fair, we saw many of those who did attend chose not to enter any buildings due to Covid-19 concerns.


  • Unfortunately, the local crime rate in Minneapolis is rising not subsiding.  While this is (not the case) in St. Paul, we feel strongly that a significant segment of our audience is just not ready to come back to any downtown venue.


  • With all of these impediments to success we have chosen to regroup and reschedule for 2023 to assure everyone’s success.

This was a very difficult decision to make, and we are very aware of how this will affect those who depend on the show.

However, we also believe that we wouldn’t be serving our exhibitors nor our guests by hosting an event with these unpredictable elements and negative conditions.

This is a one show decision. The rest of our show schedule to continue as normal.  We cordially invite you to inquire about the exhibit space in our other shows including:


  • The 34th Annual St. Cloud Sportsmen’s Show Feb. 4th-6th at River's Edge in St. Cloud MN.

  • The 57th Annual Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Show March 3rd-6th at the FargoDome, Fargo ND.

  • The 55th Annual Sioux Empire Sportsmen’s Show March 10th-13th at the Sioux Falls Arena and Convention Center.

More show information can be found at www.cenaiko.com.

We wish all of our customers and friends good health and safety. We want to see everyone back doing great business with us in 2023!



Barry J. Cenaiko

Cenaiko Companies
Ph. 763-755-8111