Sportsmen’s Show 4 Pack

You asked for it for years and here it is!

Normally participating in the Sportsmen’s Shows in St. Paul,
St. Cloud, Fargo & Sioux Falls would cost $2,530.00
(+$39.38 for SD tax)

The 4 pack discount is $330.00 bringing the total to $2,200.00 and adding the South Dakota tax (we have to collect it) brings the complete total to $2,218.83.

The discount is always applied to the last show of the season, and you don’t have to sign up for all of them immediately to get the discount.  If you start with one show and add the others, Bam!  You get the discount!

If you can only do three Sportsmen’s Shows and the RRV Boat Show….just call Barry…he’ll figure something out!